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First Meeting of the Organisers of Chopin Piano Competitions
21-23 April 2015

Chopin Conference 2015
The Friends were invited by the prestigious National Institute of Fryderyk Chopin (Warsaw, Poland) to attend the First Meeting of the Organisers of Chopin Piano Competitions. The two-day working conference is administrative in nature and discussed, among other issues: the integration of the circle of organisers of Chopin competitions around the world; exchange of information on technical, organisational and artistic matters; the possibility of a mutual evaluation of competitions’ organisational rules such as statutes, regulations, etc.; a project to develop a database of Chopin competitions; and support and assistance for recently created competitions. Part of the concference included attendance at a session of the Preliminary Round of auditions for the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition, as well as meeting the jury (we had the opportunity to reconnect with Professor Wojciech Switala, who served on the jury of the 2nd Australian International Chopin Piano Competition). Ben James and Wanda Horky represented the Friends of Chopin Australia and the Competition at the Conference and presented a joint paper on the Australian International Chopin Piano Competition. The meeting was held in the Radziejowice Palace some 40 kms south-west of Warsaw.

"Bach is like an astronomer who, with the help of ciphers, finds the most wonderful stars...Beethoven embraced the universe with the power of his spirit... I do not climb so high. A long time ago I decided that my universe will be the soul and heart of man."
(Fryderyk Chopin in a letter to Delphine Potocka)
2 November 1924 - One of the earliest radio broadcasts featuring Chopin.
Miss Myrtle Liddy (Melbourne) performed Chopin's E minor Valse