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Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years
1 April 2016 (Paris, France)

"This interdisciplinary project is a research/performance piece about the Paris years of the composer Fryderyk Chopin, relating to his art and legacy. It is more than simply a concert in the usual sense of the word. This work will combine elements from at least three art genres: the solo piano performance of Chopin’s music; theatrical readings of his letters and poems of his contemporary poets, along with other literature excerpts; and photographs or short clips of Chopin’s Parisian life including his apartments and personal artefacts currently held by museums." - Elina AKselrud

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"Bach is like an astronomer who, with the help of ciphers, finds the most wonderful stars...Beethoven embraced the universe with the power of his spirit... I do not climb so high. A long time ago I decided that my universe will be the soul and heart of man."
(Fryderyk Chopin in a letter to Delphine Potocka)
2 November 1924 - One of the earliest radio broadcasts featuring Chopin.
Miss Myrtle Liddy (Melbourne) performed Chopin's E minor Valse